The Google ISP, Steel 3D Printing, and Quantum Teleportation

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Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a little slow for this update, but I’ve had a pile of stuff on my plate this week. Every design project is coming down to a crunch sometime in these coming weeks and as a results I have been going crazy trying to get everything finished up. But anyways, here is what I’ve got for you this week. Enjoy!

So one of the first things that caught my eye was the release of the new Google fiber network, which is essentially an internet connection that is provided by Google. Now while it may not seem like a huge deal that another ISP is entering the market, what’s news is that Google is doing it at incredibly fast speeds for a lower cost than any competitors. Essentially they are offering “1Gbps speeds for just $70 a month”, which is an awesome price for what you get. Now while you still need to shell out money for this high speed, what is really interesting is if you have a look at the Google Fiber home page, you will see that they offer an internet package which costs $0/month. This is of course on top of a $300 installation fee, but given that the service is guaranteed free for at least 7 years after installation, you would save a pile on internet costs over the alternatives. One of the biggest questions I asked myself was, “When can I get this internet!?”; well, the bottom line is unless you live in Kansas City, you will just have to wait until it gets released in your area. As of now I don’t think there is any info regarding the release of this system in any other areas. Here is the main website for the service: (other plans are on the main page). Here is the info regarding the recent release in Kansas City:

On the topic of Google, the tech giant is trying to expand its border yet again by expressing its desire to become a wireless carrier. Knowing the prices it has given on the internet, perhaps they would be able to bring the savings to the wireless network industry? There isn’t really any information for sure to say whether Google will go ahead and try to make the move to wireless, though there have been some reports of them engaging in talks with the Dish Network .

Now on another note, many people have heard about 3D printing technologies that are being released, enabling you to create small prototypes of parts that are made in computer aided design software as easily as printing a document from a word processor. Well, leave it to NASA to step up the game in this industry by printing off rocket parts for some of their projects. Now 3D printing usually only produces prototypes that are by no means even close to being able to handle real-world stresses, but this isn’t the usual case. NASA has been able to print these parts off using steel, that’s right, steel, not the plastic that is usually used with 3D printing. Will this open up new possibilities for the industry? There have already been concerns from some parties that 3D printing, as it increases in sophistication, will open up a whole new kind of copyright infringement in which people will be able to illegally download files of their products and simply print them off using a 3D printer at home. I personally think this is a bit of an overreaction at this point, seeing as these systems cost tens of thousands of dollars, and are generally out of reach from the general public. Anyways, here is the article about NASA here:

On the experimental technology side of things, there is another development that caught my eye, though it is rather…physics heavy. Long story short, a group of physicists has been able to teleport information from one set of atoms to another set 150 metres away. Though this distance is well, relatively small, it is a huge step forwards in the development of quantum computing, or transmitting information using sets of particles, rather than fiber optic cables. The one interesting thing about the whole quantum computing idea is that it is thought to be one of the most secure means of computing to be developed, in that it would be instantly known if secure information was accessed by an unwanted third party. With this new quantum teleportation technology, it is now possible to transmit data from one particle to another without transmitting the particle itself. There is a whole ton of complex quantum physics involved, and I honestly do not think I would be able to do an adequate job trying to explain it here (however, feel  free to delve into the subject if you feel so inclined, as it is actually pretty cool ;)). Here is the link for the teleportation article:

Anyways, that’s all for now! I may be MIA for a little bit with this mass of project deadlines that are headed my way, but I will try to get another update as soon as possible!

Until next time!


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